Outrageous Tax Hikes

If Liberal Lindsay's friends had their say, Florida residents and businesses would see a $1 billion tax hike to fund wasteful government projects our state does not need. We could even see a sales tax increase or a state income tax. Liberal Lindsay will kill our jobs, hurt our economy, and take money out of the pockets of our families.

Open Borders

Sanctuary Cities. Abolishing ICE. Lindsay's liberal friends have said some outrageous things regarding law enforcement in our state. We can't let Florida become a Sanctuary State like California. We can't trust Lindsay Cross to keep our streets and families safe.

Government Healthcare

Remember "If you like your Doctor, you can keep them?" Liberal Lindsay's friends are selling the same snake oil about Government-run health care to Floridians, and we simply can't afford it. Longer wait times, high health care premiums, and lower quality of care will all become a reality with socialized medicine. Floridians are smarter than that.

Tell Lindsay Cross that Pinellas County deserves better than her and her radical friends!

Paid political advertisement paid for by Florida Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee, 2640-A Mitcham Drive Tallahassee FL, 32308. The Florida Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee endorses and urges you to vote for Jeff Brandes, Dana Young, and Keith Perry. Approved Jeff Brandes, Dana Young, and Keith Perry, Republicans, for State Senate.